Saturday, December 21, 2013

Home at last!

We left our hotel very early Wednesday morning (like 4 am) to catch our first plane. It took them so long to board that we set up camp and the boys played card games. 

Etihad Airlines had some pretty yummy kids meals for Kiki and Logan. They loved them.

It was a long long trip. We arrived that night around 11:00pm and had to go through security and get registered (that took a few hours). Eden was crying and  hungry and he only wanted his mommy, Kiki was tired, ornery, crying only wanted her mommy,  Julien and Logan were tired too, Jon and I were both exhausted and there we were waiting to get discharged. THAT WAS TOUGH!!!!!

Home sweet home! We arrived home around 1 or 2 am. All the kids were asleep and Jon and I  were pretty beat too.  My good friend Nicole and her husband were waiting for us in front of our house. She was so excited for us to get there, and us to see them again. They helped us unloaded the car and then we went straight to bed.

My awesome friends Nicole and Stacy had decorated our door and had a few groceries and water waiting for us.

After unpacking our suitcases, and a quick shower we were off to the store (Lulu's) to stock up our pantries and out for lunch for shawarmas (a wrap made with flat bread filled bbq-ed meats, vegetables, hummus/ garlic mayo....whatever you like). 
Jon had been talking about shawarmas ever since he got there
so I was very eager to try one, and indeed it is delicious.

The next day Jon and I loaded up the BOB with Kiki and Eden and took a walk to Hyper Panda (another grocery store not too far from the compound) while Julien and Logan were free to play in the clubhouse and ride bikes! More freedom then they have ever had!

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