Friday, December 27, 2013

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas felt different from all the past Christmas' because the people don't celebrate it here. There are no decorations, nor crazy shopping in stores and malls.
The few days prior and day itself felt more centered around it's true meaning and less about the superficial which was a nice change. Instead of worrying and stressing about having the "perfect Christmas", having the house all decorated, and what will be the perfect gift for so and so, or dinner has to be just right, and treats to drop off at neighbors....  I/ we focused more on each other and the reason behind the celebration. It felt more relaxing and calm.

Of course there were gifts! I had done some shopping before leaving the States, and my friend Nicole let us borrow their tree since they were leaving for the holidays.

It was Eden's first Christmas!

Kiki just had to try out his car!

One of my absolute favorite things about Christmas morning 
is seeing the kids faces as they tear the wrapping paper! 

Thank you Mami for Kiki's favorite gifts of all, her doctor case!
And Thank you Auntie Maruia for the lab coat!

After opening all the gifts we headed to the health clinic to do our medical for our iquamas.
 Kiki insisted on bringing her coat and doctor case. All the nurses and doctors thought she was so cute walking around the clinic. When it was time for her to get her blood drawn however, she no longer wanted to be a doctor. Kicking and screaming all over the place! 
I guess it is more fun to play pretend!

Princesses princesses princesses

Eden hanging out while everybody is opening gifts

Logan got an flying sphere from mani and papi, 
legos and a razor scooter!
He was a very very happy boy!

Julien got several legos and some Jaseboards gear and helmet for his new 
Jaseboard long board thanks to Uncle T!

I didn't have time to get Jon anything so wrapped up some magnets I got him for his office and extra ram he had bought himself for his computer.

My mom got him a BYU money clip!
just what he wanted

Elberskiver pan and cook book for me! I love it!
Merci Mami!
I have already used it 3 times to make some yummy treats!

Audrey and Joey got us a very cool game called Headbanz. 
We had fun playing it! It is actually kind of hard!

Yet again we were all spoiled like every year!

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