Saturday, July 28, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday to our beautiful princess Kia Ora!

It is amazing to think that Kia Ora is 2 today! Kia Ora is the cutest, sweetest, most beautiful 2 year old. She is growing up way too fast. I still think of her as a baby at times when she clearly is not. Kiki has grown so much this year. She is very smart little girl. 

She started talking and communicating with a few words both in French and English and sometimes mixing the two together creating a entire new word. I started potty training her at 18 months, and by 19 or 20 months she was fully trained! 

She has also made me a proud dancer mom as she can do several dance moves and steps on command such as tendus, arabesque, balancoire, plier, releve, chasse, develope, bridge, downward dog, and somersault. I hope it will last!

Kia Ora loves her family so much! She is always chasing down her two big brothers, following them everywhere, taking their things, cuddling them with big hugs before bed. She also loves her daddy, always giving him big hugs and kisses. Kia Ora also loves her mommy, I know this because she gives me hugs and kisses too, and is always sad when I have to leave for work.

Kia Ora has been a wonderful blessing to our family! Having her with us makes our family life a little more pink, sparkly, giggly, and feel a little more complete!

 Here are a few/ several shots from her Birthday Photoshoot!
(Thanks to my mom who sent her the beautiful sailor dress for her birthday, 
it is simply stunning and fits her to a T)

 Like any little person, she got tired of taking pictures and was very distracted with the sand around her. So after much bribing with caddy and having Julien trying to make her smile and laugh we called it quit! I did manage to take some cute shots of her while walking back to the car.

Cake time! She loved blowing the candles so much that we probably lit the candles 7 times.


Kiki showing off that she is 2!

 Kiki loving her new ballerina book from Grandma and Grandpa

Kiki loves princesses! She is crazy about princess. 
So to make her obsession worse, Jon and I got her a Cinderella doll (her favorite Disney movie). 
I got a very good deal on it. It came with a throne and all sorts of hair stuff. 
She was doing her doll's hair, and everybody else's hair all day long.

My mom got her a matching sailor dress for her doll. 
It is too cute to have them in matching outfits.

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Mags [Margaret] said...

What a beautiful sweet girl. Happy birthday, Kia Ora!