Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another fun day at the Zoo!

Well, I liked our visit to the zoo so much last time we went that I got a membership for the family. It is truly a great place to go hang out for a few hours. The down side is the drive to Houston, but I figure that once the boys start school, and Kiki and I will be home alone all day long and we will need to go out see and do fun things. The zoo will be the perfect thing for us to do.

Below are a few shots from our outing.

Jon and the kids cooking off in front of a huge water spraying fan.


 It did not take long for us to go to the splash park since it was such a hot day!



 Loving cookies!


Julien and Kia Ora being silly!

Logan and Kiki taking a closer look at the piranhas.

After the zoo we had a nice pick-nick at the park. I had made some delicious tuna croissant sandwiches, chips, drinks, and a chocolate cream cheese mousse type of desert.

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