Sunday, September 11, 2011

A day at the Park

 Yesterday, Jon and I took the kids to Hermann Park in Houston. The park is huge, and there are so many things to do. We started out visit by going on a train ride to see what there was to do.


We then headed to the play area where the kids played on the swings.

 After being asked over and over again to go to the splash park; We agreed and took them. Houston has a ton of free splash parks so we were prepared today and made sure the kids had their bathing suits on.

While I was watching the kids at the splash park, Jon went and got us some treats.

Logan is showing a little frog he caught.

Once the kids had enough fun playing in the water we feed some of the animals there. Ducks, geese,  turtles, squirrels, nutria (yap that is right we feed a nasty, probably disease infested, muskrat.)

After a nice picnic dinner, we ended our outing at the Miller Outdoor Theater to watch a free Japanese Taiko Concert. It was very cool. Kiki enjoyed it too, dancing to the beat of the drums.

My favorite part of this picture is Jon in the background. Too funny!

Kiki dancing to the music. Some of her moves look like they came straight from an African dance.
She cracks me up.

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Lenzy said...

Awww, Maeva! Your family is so cute. I can't believe how big they've all gotten. Kiki is adorable, and I just love her dance. I watched it like three times. :) I hope you are doing well in Texas.