Monday, September 12, 2011

Clean break

Well about three weeks ago Jon was warming up tossing a football before a flag football game and snap went his pinky.  He said it hurt but did not think much of it and continued to play. Once he got home and showed me his finger I knew right away it was broken or perhaps dislocated. It was all swollen, blue, aching, and very sensitive to the touch. The next day he went to Dow's health clinic and was advised to go to hand and wrist specialist because it was indeed broken. The bone was completely broken in half with a few chips. The doctor said the break was in a spiral, joking that it must have been a pretty good throw. So poor Jon got his hand casted, but it didn't last long because he got sick of the cast and took it off HIMSELF (what a good patient, eager to be fully recovered! sarcasm). He said that the cast was too restrictive and uncomfortable. Needless to say we are hoping that Jon's pinky will soon be as good as new very soon, and not too crooked since we decided to forgo surgery.

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