Thursday, September 1, 2011

Baby Mama!

 Kia Ora got a baby doll for her birthday, and they have been inseparable ever since she got it. Everywhere Kiki goes Mama follows. The doll cries, giggles, and says mama, so Kia Ora has decided to name her baby Mama. It is so cute watching Kiki go around the apartment saying "Mama! Mama!" grabing her baby and giving it a big kiss. She loves to feed her baby and give her a sippy cup, sit her down and show her a book.
Further more, Jon and I started going to the gym and have been dropping off Kia Ora at the daycare. The days that Kiki does the best at the day care are the days when a little girl (who looks just like her mama) is there. Kiki sits next to her, pats her head, kisses her, and calls her mama. She is too funny and stinkin' adorable.

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