Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally in Texas!

We finally arrived in Texas after 6 long weeks of been apart from Jon. We got in late last Friday night and were too tired to do anything, but Jon had planned a fun day at the beach for the following day that we were all very much looking forward to.
Jon bought all sorts of beach equipment to make our outing more enjoyable. Each of the kids got a new beach towel, and chair. The boys got boogie boards, and Kia Ora got a beach shovel and bucket set.


Jon also got a fold- able table and canopy. It was nice to have some shade especially for Kia Ora who is not acclimated to the sun and heat.  Jon had prepared a nice picnic too. It was a perfect first day in our new home town.

We are loving Jon's new work schedule. He leaves home early and gets home early, doesn't have to do homework after he gets home or go to the lab Saturday to do more homework. We actually see him multiple hours everyday. I still remember the time when the kids would literally not see Jon for an entire week, because he would leave when were where still asleep and return after they would be put to bed. Those days were so hard on our family, but I am starting to see the blessings that came from all those hard sacrifices our family made while in school.
One of the things the kids love to do is hanging out at the pool. We have gone to the pool everyday this week for the exception of Sundays of course.


Kia Ora very gracefully presenting a devellope to her dad. She loves to lift her little leg and point her toes. It is the cutest thing. She is headed to the right direction.


 Saturday morning is soccer time with the ward/ stake. While Jon and the boys played, kiki and I enjoyed lounging around on the grass under the warm morning sun.


Joanna said...

So fun!! I am so happy for you guys.

Mags [Margaret] said...

I guess I somehow missed that you guys moved to TX! Congrats to Jon for getting a good job! What a fun new chapter for your family :) Xoxox