Thursday, June 9, 2011

Body Logic's "Uncovered"

We finally got pictures from Body Logic's first show. Body Logic is a dance company that was started by a some of the girls I danced with at UVU. The company is a little over one year old. We  have had the opportunity to perform at various venues ever since the company was assembled. This past April was especially wonderful for the company as we put together our very own show for the first time. We nearly sold out the house both nights. We actually made a profit. It felt amazing to know that we were so successful.

I choreographed a piece titled "Terminal Velocity" which was very athletic and fast paced. The dancers did an amazing job embodying my vision. I would love to go back, rework it, and reset it.



Pictures from "Creatures of Habit" choreographed by Claire Bagley.



 Pictures from "Cassandra" choreographed by Angela Banchero-Kelleher. Angie is a former Repertory Dance Theater dancer, and currently teaches at UVU. She is an amazing artist. We were so lucky to have one of her best works in our show.

We performed many more pieces, but those were some of my favorites.

After the show, I was able to participate in a little photoshoot. Here are some of my best shots:


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Mags [Margaret] said...

Beautiful as always! You are a true artist.