Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween Fun!

This year getting ready for Halloween was a bit of a challenge because the people here in Saudi don't celebrate this holiday so there were no halloween store, no costume shop, and you can't just walk into walmart, michaels, or hobby lobby ... to get what ever you need. Things are much different here. I usually have to go to multiple stores to do my weekly grocery trip because the stores will be out of produce, or cheese, or diapers, or any basic thing you can think of. So you can only imagine about costume making. It started to stress me out since we all love to dress up for halloween, and I was not prepared and had no idea where I could get things to craft costumes and props. 
So last week, I drove 1 1/2 hours away to Khobar to go to an awesome craft store call Alzamils and found fabric, foam boards and things to make the kids costumes.

Jon decided to be a ghostbusters. It was an easy enough costume to put together since he already had coveralls at work. All I needed to do was print off a name tag and a patch. I had also been saving produce boxes, formula containers.... in case Jon wanted to make himself a proton pack.
So as soon as he came home from work on Thursday night he started making this awesome ghost trap. This guy is so talented. The ghost trap looked awesome!

Friday morning Kiki didn't feel very good so I kept her and Eden home while the boys went to "potluck" with Jon. But soon after a good dose of tylenol Kiki was feeling much better and started mopping the floor for no reason (I can stop but wonder, did she know it was halloween and she wanted to recreate the cinderella story?!?)

Kiki getting ready for the halloween carnival.
I just love my little girl. 
It is fun to be able to do girly things with her. 

 All ready to play!

My amazing friend Heather organized and put together a Halloween carnival at the compound. She did an spectacular job. Each family manned a booth and had prized for the kids, she prepared and provide lunch for everyone, as well as a metal for all who participated in the costume parade(which was pretty much the 100+ kids in the compound).

Julien, managing our pin the wart on the witch booth.

Kiki and her friend Ashlee

Logan being indecisive on what prize to take.

Kia Ora's friends Claire, Valentina, Sofia, and Louisa

Logan and his best friend Mathiew

Jon happy as can be to not be at work and be able to relax with friends.

Kiki and Sally

The Parade!

Finally the moment the kids have been waiting all day for.... trick or treating!

After trick or treating Julien, Logan and Mathiew wanted to camp in the back of the villa. 
They went to sleep at 11:30pm! I was so tired the next morning, I am not used to staying up so late anymore, most night my entire family is in bed asleep by 8:30 pm including Jon! lol! so 11:30 was a real stretch for me. 

The next morning, the boys were rudely awakened by the sprinklers. 
They were soaked. 
We decided that next time it might be best for them to camp on the balcony of the top floor!
As you may see in the picture below, there were puddles of water in the tent!

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