Saturday, January 18, 2014

Sand Roses

Today we set out on an adventure to the desert with several friends to dig for sand roses. I was a little nervous about going because it was suppose to rain all day and I did not want to stand out in the rain with Eden and Kiki. But as soon as we arrived to the location, the rain miracleously stopped, and we were able to enjoy our outing.
When it rains here it POURS!!!!!

Ashokan (our driver) doing an awesome job driving and not getting stuck in the sand! 

Jon putting a shemagh on Kiki to keep her head warm!

Cute girl!

Digging away!

The steps to digging out sand roses are: first pick a spot, 
second dig, 
once you find a rose which is usually within the first few tries, 
grab it, 
dust it off and 
rinse it in water and than 
"Tada" you have a sand rose in hand!

Kiki and Julien rinsing out our findings!

We did not keep all we found because we dug up so many. 
We kept what we wanted and put the rest right back where we found them.

Julien found this very cool sphere like rose. It was very pretty!

Kiki loved looking for the "baby ones" as she called them!

My awesome friend Nicole and Eden staying warm!

What a cutie in his little fox hat!

Family pic!
We had a lot of fun and look forward to going again when the weather is a little warmer! 

Jon and me!

 Ready to go home!

On our way home but still driving in the middle of the desert (no visible roads ANYWHERE) we saw a few tents and camels fenced in. Jon thinks they are camel herders. It was pretty cool to see!

Here is how sand roses are formed if you are interested!

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Suz said...

It looks like you all are having some pretty grand adventures. The sand roses look so does Kiki in her scarf.