Monday, January 27, 2014

My good friend Nicole and I went to eat to Outback with Eden and Kiki. Our cute waiter must have felt bad seeing me manage squirmy Eden and the food I was "trying" to put in my mouth because with hand gestures and a reach, he grabbed Eden from me and said "eat!" He than walked him around the restaurant showing him off to the other employees, making smile, and playing peek a boo. It was very cute! Being the overprotective mother that I am, I was nervous at first eyeing our waiter and Eden's every move, than I relaxed. Where was he going to go? or do? Most of the workforce here in Saudi are Indian and Philippino man. They come here to work and send their earnings back to their families whom they see about every 2 years for a few short weeks, and most of them stay there working for many many years. It breaks my heart thinking about it. They miss their families terribly, and even though I am not accustomed to having people I don't know grab my children and want to hold them and play with them. I know it makes them happy, and it reminds them of their own children and families back home.

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