Friday, July 19, 2013

My prima ballerina

This summer I really wanted to start her in a dance class. My friend Deborah and I signed our girls out for the same class since Kaitlin and Kiki were the best of friends. Kiki did good the first day, and it went downhill from there. She only wanted to stay for the first 30 minutes of class and then fuss and want to leave, so sometimes I would go in with her and sometimes we would leave. I knew she was a little young to start but wanted to give it a try and wanted her to have a little time out of the house doing something with friends.

The girls lining up before class.

Getting Ready

Kia Ora and her teacher Mrs. Elise

Kiki listening very attentively the first day!!!!!!

Kiki and her ballet friends

Kia Ora and her best friend Kaitlin


For there last ballet class the girls did a little performance. Unfortunately I could not attend because I had classes to teach myself. Jon took her. He said she refused to go in and stayed in the hall way the entire time!!!! That attitude better change says the dancer in me!

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