Sunday, July 28, 2013

Birthday celebration at Mami's and Papi's house

Because so many events were coming up so rapidly in our life, Jon and I thought it be best for me and the kids to move to Utah until my move to Saudi. Julien, Logan, and Kia Ora were thrilled to be able to celebrate their birthdays with Mami and Papi and their aunts and uncles.

Logan opening his presents first

Legos as usual! He LOVES Legos!
Thank you Mami and Papi!

Kiki patiently waiting her turn!

 Kia Ora loves cards! She loves them so much that she will keep them and carry them where ever she goes, will read them over and over, will sometimes draw on them.

Mami and Papi got her the best gift of all.
A puppy that walks, barks, and wags his tail!

Uncle T and aunt Maruia got her a painting book,
and a princess puzzle! She LOVED it!!!

Super Hero cake for Logan!

Princess cake for Kiki!

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