Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Well we finally did it! After years and years and years and years.....yes literally years of living in apartments we FINALLY made the move to a house!
After coming back from my parents "mansion" in UT, Jon and I could not even bare being home in our little 2 bedroom 900 square foot apartment. We were so unhappy, frustrated at the clutter and lack of space. Within about 3 weeks of being home one of Jon's co-workers mentioned that he was moving out of town and wanted to rent his home. So Jon and I jumped on board and within 3 more weeks we were moving in. It is a cute little 1300 square foot, 1950's home with a huge yard.  We just love it! After a few days of being in the house Jon admitted that he didn't realize how much being in such a confined space had made him so unhappy and now he felt like a burden had lifted. No picture yet! But soon!

The move day!
Leave it to us to plan the move day on the only day of the month maybe months of a "flood". Well "flood" might be a slight exaggeration, but when it rains here in Lake Jackson, TX it pours rain. It rains so much that within 2 to 3 minutes of standing outside you are soaked to the bone.
Jon and I had not rented a truck for the move since the weather is always really nice, and we have a truck and had trucks and trailers accessible for us to use.
I woke up to the sound of rain and thunder around 4 am and was sick to my stomach at the idea of all of our stuff getting ruined in the back of pick up trucks, so I started moving things at that time in my Jeep knowing that the weather was suppose to worsen throughout the day. Around 7, Jon broke down and found a moving van for us to rent for 1/2 a day only. The move was successful, our stuff made it to the house relatively dry, but our awesome friends however were soaked! We were so grateful for all those who showed up to help in this horrific weather.

Here is a quick video of our assembly line while getting poured on:

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