Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween photshoot!

As most of you know, Jon and I love to celebrate Halloween. We have so much fun thinking of costume ideas and making them. This year the boys wanted to be characters from the book series "The Lord of the Rings", and since their costume took so long to make, Kiki had to settle for my Halloween costume when I was her age which turned out so cute, and Jon and I decided to reuse our old Rocker costumes.

Jon hard at work making Julien and Logan's arm bracers!

 As always there are tons of pictures. It is always so hard to pick which ones to post, and this time around I am only posting 1/3 of the best shots.

 Jon and I as Rockin' Machines!

 Our beautiful, little Kia Ora as "Colombine" 
(a French pantomime).








 Kia Ora (27 months), Me (24 months)

  Logan, our lithe, strong, swift bowman as Legolas 
(Elf from the Lord of the Rings).


Action shots!

 Julien, our strong, brave, swordsman as Aragorn
 (from Lord of the Rings).



 Our Warriors

Let's get those Orcs!

 No one can get passed these guys!

Julien, Logan, Kia Ora

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Jamie Hatch said...

Kia ora is darling, love the side by side with you in the same costume. And those are some pretty amazing action shots and Lord of the ring costumes. Well done!