Sunday, March 11, 2012

Houston Rodeo!

This past weekend we went to the Houston Rodeo. We love going to rodeos and heard lots of good things about it. The Houston Rodeo is a day's even. Outside the stadium in a huge fair, with lots of little shows,  petting zoos, music concerts, and expositions.

We first headed to the fair where the boys rode on very scary rides. I was so afraid they would trow up since Jon had taken us out to eat at "Five Guys" less than an hour before.

After  waking around the fair, riding rides, and eating mighty good treats, we headed to the rodeo. The rodeo was pretty fun, but Jon and I both agree we love local rodeos better where we are up close and personal, and feel the dirt flicking onto your face as the broncos, or bulls rear, and lash back and forth.
 After the rodeo Chris Young, a country artist sang. It was a cool concert.

 For dinner the kids enjoyed a huge turkey leg and chicken on a stick, while Jon and I had a delicious beef brisket sandwich and ribs.

The kids loved the petting zoo. They had so many animals.

The farming, ranching, livestock exposition was awesome. It was probably the coolest thing on the rodeo grounds. There were so many animals and educational stations. One of the most interesting was the chicken exposition. The kids could see step by step the hatching, development, and growth of little chicks live. The kids stood for a good 10 minutes looking at baby chickens pecking out of their shells.

Logan really liked this truck and wanted a picture with it.

 Some of Jon's friends and co-works told him about fried snickers bar, so he really wanted to try one.
Well, we could not find one stand that sold them until our walk back to the car. So here is Jon grinning at the find.

Jon said it was good. I didn't think it was that great, I think my fear of getting a clogged artery, or a heart attack messed with my sense of taste.

Logan and Kiki cuddling up on the walk home.

I had so much fun being with the family. Those moments are the ones I love most.

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