Sunday, March 18, 2012

First family camping of the season!

Jon had a camp out with the boy scouts over spring break and so we decided to tag along for a little camping of our own.

Jon got the boys there own tent! They were so excited!

This was Kiki's first experience camping. She did really well. She was a little afraid and fussed to fall asleep and was afraid to go to the bathroom in the toilets there, but besides that she loves being outdoors, discovering new things.

Logan tending the fire.

Jon enjoying a nice cup of cocoa.

Julien making pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious.


Julien tagged along with the boy scouts while Jon was teaching them how to tie and fuse ropes.

Kiki loving her daddy.

While Jon was busy with the scouts, we played lots and lots of games.


I'm so glad we went, it was so fun and relaxing to be together in nature without any distractions, or obligations. I can't wait til our next campout!

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