Saturday, October 8, 2011

october+ texas= BEACH!!!!!!

Today was so nice and warm out that Jon and I decided to go to the beach (perhaps the last time we will actually be able to swim in it until the spring). We had a great time.

Our adorable princess Kia Ora, so happy to be by the ocean, 
chasing the waves and digging in the sand.

Logan loving boogie boarding.There had been quite a lot of wind and rain this week which made the water a lot more agitated which was perfect for boogie boarding. There were actually quite a lot of surfers out (for TX).

Julien soaking up the sun!
He was hoping to fish, but had no luck because of all the waves.

Our cute kids enjoying the warm sun and the sand. Kia Ora did not seem to mind getting burried. 
She loves playing with her brothers.

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