Monday, October 31, 2011

hallo halloween treats!

This year Jon's mom sent me a Halloween treat recipe book, so I put it to the test and made all sorts of yummy treats.

Chocolate covered pretzel sticks.

This was not in the book, but I thought the kids would enjoy eating some spooky crepes with nutella, and green whip cream.

A yummy wormy noodle dish with scary finger nibblers, and a worm infested punch.

 Nutter Butter Ghost!

Pumpkin cakes.

 Bonny Bread sticks, with mummy calzones! The kids loved this dish, they thought it was so cool. And so did Jon and I.

Monster Cupcakes.

Mummy Pork roast. 
This was probably my favorite dish of all. The pork was so juicy with a nice crispy phyllo dough. It  was topped by a delicious mustard fused cream sauce.

Pumpkin popcorn balls.

Broom stick. 

These are just a few of the things that I tried to make our Halloween month a little more exciting this year. Every day the kids would come home from school, and would be so excited to see what would be waiting for them on he kitchen table. You may be thinking that it is a lot of sweets. No worries, we made sure to give most of the treats away to our friends and neighbors. And yes! We most likely gained a few extra pounds, but that's why we go to the gym every day!

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