Sunday, November 14, 2010

Intraquad Swim Meet

Julien did another swim meet on Wednesday. Julien swam so well. We were really proud of him. Jon was on the side of the pool while he swam cheering him on. It was so cute. Julien is so darling because he knows that he did not win the race, and he says he does care, he is just proud of having a really good stroke, not getting disqualified, and doing better than before; which he actually did. His time was 1 min: 9: 37, and last time it was around 1 minute 23. He swam a 50 freestyle, the age group he was racing with was 12 and under (he did so well for being the youngest swimmer).
Once we got home we all watched the video, Jon and I noticed that Julien started sprinting toward the end of the race, we knew he could have swam a lot faster than he did, but he was so concerned with the accuracy of his stroke that he forgot to race.
To celebrate his hard work, we took him out to Pizza Pie Cafe (we had 2 free kid meals BONUS!) It was a great evening.

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