Sunday, March 28, 2010

Space Derby!

This past Wednesday, Julien participated in a Space Derby with the cub scouts. He was so excited to test run his rocket. He and Jon spent a lot of time on it (sanding it, painting it, putting it together...). Logan wanted a rocket of his own also. I went to the scout store to get him one. He too spent a lot of time getting it ready. Logan wanted a dragon on his rocket, and was afraid to mess up, so he asked Jon to paint it for him. It turned out so good.

Julien got 1st place for his race. There were many many races! He was thrilled that his rocket did so well.

Jon and I were so excited about the kids rockets that we decided to mount fish lines on their ceiling so they could fly and race their rockets. Pretty cool parents don't you think!?!

While Jon and I were hard at work installing the fish lines, Logan and Julien decided that it would be a great idea to climb trees. Well, just like a cat Logan was able to climb up, but had a much harder time climbing down the tree. And OUCH!

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