Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday Fun!

Well this past Saturday was the first Saturday the whole family was together in weeks. Jon did not work because of maintenance at work, and I did not have rehearsals. It was so great to be together with practically nothing to do...
It started early at 9 am with 2 soccer games, and a soccer practice. And a quick trip to Les Schwab to get new tires for Jon's Trans am. Then we hurried home to fix a sack lunch and headed to the zoo for a couple hours.

We still have our zoo passes, and wanted to use them a couple more times before they expired.

Eating our lunches.

Funny Story:
When we went past the cougar's cage, the cougars were pretty active. They were pacing, and roaring, climbing up and down. Logan, the cute funny kid that he is, started yelling as loudly as he could "BYU COUGAR! BYU COUGAR!" over and over again, this was especially funny since he was all geared up with his BYU hat.

Once our outing at the zoo was close to an end, we met up with some of our friends Tyler and Joanna for some dinner and a movie. Of course before we watched the movie, Jon and Tyler had to jam with some guitar hero.

Gracie, Logan, Wyatt, and Julien enjoying dessert and a movie.

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