Friday, October 23, 2009

Birthday Who!?!

BirThdAYs, biRthDays, BIrthDaYS!
They never are what you expect them to be are they!?!

Well, my birthday was sure full of excitement... It started out very early on Wednesday morning around 7, when I heard the sound of plunger in the bathroom. I didn't think much of it until Logan emerges out of the bathroom and lets me know that the water from the toilet is rising. I asked him to get Jon as I was helping Julien with his reading. After a few minutes, Jon reaches the bathroom which by that point was overflowing with water and well... you can guess what else! Poor Jon was the one to do the cleaning up, which was so so much appreciated.

The rest of the day less crappy in the most literal part of the term, although, we played baseball at work that day and had to dodge dog poop the entire game....HA!
The day continued with den meeting, karate classes and ended with a night full of sewing tutus for work.

Basically, not much of a birthday. But lets not fool ourselves, everyone knows that when you are a parent or have responsibilities, birthdays don't mean do nothing but have fun, but do what you can to enjoy the special day that is rightfully yours the best you can.

Even though, my birthday was a busy day, I still loved all of the phone calls, emails, cards, facebook notes, and gifts I received from my family and friends.

I even got some amazing gifts. Jon got me a most needed gift, an external hard drive. I was so happy! One of my greatest fears is to loose all my pictures and videos from my Mac, so now, as long as I use it my fears should pass. The boys got me a Twilight calendar, it was their idea apparently (how funny right!) I got many more gifts, but below is a picture from one of the gifts I received from my parents and my sister Audrey. Awesome right! Now all we need is a new bedroom set to match the comforter!

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Claire Valene Bagley said...

THOSE PHOTOS!!!! Ahhhhhhhh! You are so so so pretty Madame Ward.