Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th, Lagoon style!

Every year, Jon and I have talked about going to Lagoon with the kids, but we hadn't for at least 3 or 4 years because it is so expensive, and far away. But this time around we got discounted tickets. Score! We had so much fun, Thiefaine and Alex even got to come with us.

T taking Logan on the "Space Scrambler."

Jon and Logan on the "OdySea" ride, making Jon's signature hard core facial expression (stolen from the band "Kiss.") Even though that ride was definitely not hard core.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Jon. Classic, So Goofy!

What a crazy kid! Julien loved to go on rides. Nothing scared him. Not even "Colossus", the ride with the 2 giant loops. He also claims that his favorite ride was the screamer which he went on twice. And let me tell you the screamer was well named.

The ride would go around at a rapid speed, then the arm of the ride would lift up and would turn perpendicular to the ground. How could anyone enjoy that?

After lunch, the sky started to clear up and the sun began to shine. So we headed for Lagoon A Beach to cool off. The boys loved to go down the slides with the tubes.

Julien floating down "Mooches Main Stream."

Alex and Logan relaxing on the tubes.

Once we were done cooling off, the boys decided to do more roller coaster riding.

The boys on the "Wild Mouse" ride

"Tidal Wave." I love Alex's face on this one.

"The Jet Star." Check out Julien's face, he looks like he has just seen a ghost!

Logan is a pretty crazy kid too when it comes to riding roller coaster. He was so disappointing when he was too small to ride the rides. But he was able to sneak into some such as "the Roller Coaster", and "the Spider". "The Spider" was his favorite one, he tried to go a second time, but the second time around the lady working the ride told him "no tippy-toes."

Alex and Julien wondering what they got themselves into.

Here we are on the resting on leg while on the "Sky Ride."

T won an Electric Guitar with a game of bottle ring toss. After just a few tosses he succeeded, how impressive! He tried again after that with no luck. The lady working the booth said that there had only been 4 winners all day including him. It was a pretty tough game. Good Job T!

Jon and T went on the craziest ride at Lagoon called "Wicked." That ride was truly insane. Just looking at the track made my knees buckle. They loved it so much they went on it twice. Jon lost his voice from screaming while on the ride.

If you look hard enough you can see Jon and T in the middle of the front row, looking terrified.

'Twas a long long day, but a fun day to remember!

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