Friday, October 31, 2008

Holy HalloHalloween!

What a day! I think that this Halloween was probably our busiest Halloween ever. Between all of the school activities, work/ ward parties.... I thought the day would never end.
10:00- School parade
11:30- Halloween party in Logan's classroom, they decorated cookies, made Halloween crafts, played pin the pumpkin with a candy game, and a fun boo whoo bowling game that I was in charge of with an another mom.
1:45- Photo shoot (you all know I can't resist taking pictures of the kids, they are so adorable, the weather wasn't so great, but I still got pretty good shots)
2:30- New Haven party. The girls I teach performed Thriller, it was a lot of fun.
4:15- Trick or Treating at XO. It has become a tradition that every year we go to Jon's job and trick or treat there. The call center always does an amazing job decorating.
5:45- Trick or Treating in the neighborhood.
6:30- Ward party. They had many games for kids, cake walks, pie, chili, and pumpkin decorating contest, as well as a costume contest, and of course the famous Trunk or Treat.
9:30- The night was finally over, and we all went to bed.

Photo Shoot
Logan the Knight of the Dragons

Julien the Dragon Ninja


Jon's team theme for the Halloween decorations was classical horror movies. And Jon could not resist dressing up as Pin Head. He won best costume and received a gift certificate for village baker, a very good sandwich shop. He had done a very good job decorating his row with chains, skulls, smoke, strobe lights. It was so creepy that most kids did not even dare to enter to ask for candy. Julien and Logan don't look to reassured either.

Trunk or Treat


Yolanda said...

WOW!! Jons costume is amazing. Your boys are getting so big. It looks like your all good. Love ya.

Elodie said...

John est vraiment effrayant!
Nous sommes contents de voir que vous êtes toujours aussi heureux et occupés! C'est bien que tes parents aient déménagé en Utah ! Happy Thanksgiving !