Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday!

Is it over yet? That's right, today was my 25th birthday. Clocked at 12:35 pm, I was still in my pajamas; not because I had slept in. Oh! No! Because it was that kind of a day. The no showering type of day. The type of day you eat breakfast and lunch after 3 o' clock. The type of day you go go go.
I celebrated by cleaning the house, going on a field trip, going to karate, doing homework, making dinner, and to finish my evening spending a late night at the laundry mat. What a day!!! It is well known that when you become a mom, birthday's kind of disappear.
I must say. It was really nice to get cards, phone calls, and texts and gifts from all of my friends and family. It made my day seem a little brighter.
My cute neighbor even brought me my very own birthday cake. It was very sweet and thoughtful.
I got a nice bracelet and earings, the first Chronicles of Narnia book, and am awaiting for my Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL juicer, the most beautiful juicer I have ever seen.


Yolanda said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm not looking forward to my birthday at all. Being stuck here with no friends means it's really gonna suck, and now being reminded of just how sucky b'days are when your a mom, I think I'll just stay 27 forever. It's plenty old. I know EVERYTHING now. Right. I love you and hope all is well for you. Take care. Yolanda

Jennifer said...

Man, I missed it! Happy Birthday a few hours late! I was glad to see you this week. We need to more often! Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!

Camilla said...

Of all things to forget, eh? I'm sorry I didn't remember on my own to wish you a Happy Birthday. But you did get a song, no? I remembered last year... and only 25?? You're a youngin!

Canes said...

You are so beautiful! I miss you like crazy and think about you all the time. I have been so busy! No excuses...you are the thing I miss the most about Provo!