Sunday, April 12, 2015

Eden All Star Athlete!

This kid is such a little athlete! He loves sports. Ever since he was little he was fascinated with balls. He can dribble a basket ball (full size), shoot hoops, toss a football, and drop kick a soccer ball...
 He even throws with such force and accuracy that I am afraid for the recipient at times. 
Grocery shopping is an adventure.
I can't even go through the produce section without buying a head of lettuce or cauliflower because Eden has to have a "ball" in hand. I go to the cheese counter and Eden is pointing to the Edam (ball shaped cheese) and saying "ball ball ball". After finally making it to the check out line, Eden thinks it is a good idea to start a game of catch with the cashier throwing him all the ball like items I ended up buying. Good thing the guys at Hyper Panda know me and love Eden because it could make things very awkward and embarrassing!

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