Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines Day weekend getaway!

Dow sponsored a Valentines dance in Bahrain this weekend. Jon and I were so excited to go and make a little family weekend getaway out of it! Dow had reserved several rooms at the Ritz Carlton hotel (which was one of the nicest hotel I have ever stayed at, the lobby had a huge table very well decorated full of candy, and they gave us a little gift for Eden at check in). As soon as we had checked in and set our bags in our rooms we headed to the meet and greet on "the island". The Ritz is right on the coast and has a little peninsula attached to it, that is what they call the island. The car pulled up to a red carpet where we were greeted by 2-3 photographers, it felt like we were some important super stars (very underdressed superstars!) 

After socializing we headed back to the rooms to get room service for the kids dinner and get everyone ready for bed so Jon and I could go on our Valentine's day date!

Once again greeted by more photographers!

The space was pretty well decorated. 
The dinner that was served was "Tex Mex" or their version of Tex Mex I guess... 
and Cole Deggs and the Lonesome band played (I guess the lead singer is from Lake Jackson, TX and knew some of the people there). It was a lot of fun! 

I actually think this is the first Valentines day date we have ever been on without children,
and if we did this date was by far the best Valentines day date EVER!
We had so much fun! 
Jon actually joined me on the dance floor several times which made the evening even better!

We just had to take a bunch of selfies to document our unforgettable evening! 

Cole Deggs and the Lonesome!

The next day we woke up early and headed out to the "Tree of Life."
This tree is truly beautiful and located in the middle of the desert with no other vegetation for miles. 
The tree is believed to be over 400 years old. The tree’s source of water is a mystery, because it stands in a place completely free of water. Plant scientist may say that its roots go very deep and wide to get water from the reserves of sweet springs kilometers away. The local inhabitants believe with heart and soul that the tree’s longevity is granted by Enki, the mythical God of water, and that it marks the location of the Garden of Eden.
There are 9 other similar trees situated around the world some believe that they are connected.
It is just magnificent to think this tree can be so full and lush with no other sign of life and source of water.

Our next stop was the Formula 1 race track for a little Karting!

Julien, Logan, and I got all geared up and went for a ride!

It was fun, but boy I'm getting to old for this. I was so scared. The kart went pretty fast!

We could not leave Bahrain without stopping by Ric's for some delicious food and bacon of course!

The kids had fun petting the bunnies as usual!

This little kid was so funny, he asked me to take a picture of him and send it to his mom. 
When I asked him to show me his face he grabbed the poor bunny's face and was twisting it toward the camera! LOL! It was hilarious!

Bacon, Saussage and Ham please!

Heading home!
This weekend was awesome! 
I am so grateful for all the amazing experiences we are having while living in Saudi. 
Bonding together and creating memories.
It has been a great blessing for our family to be here!

The causeway was a little busy so Eden got to dispense some energy and have fun driving with Muneer!

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