Saturday, December 6, 2014

Family Photoshoot!

I really wanted to take some nice outdoor family pictures this year. A girl in our compound is a photographer and was willing to take our pictures this year. Unfortunately a few days prior to the photoshoot our company put us on lockdown because of certain events and threats that had and were occurring in this part of the world. Our lockdown restricted us from every activity besides work, school, and "basic essential shopping" (and we were strongly advised to grocery shop as a group, not ideal when you shop for a family of 6 and take up most of the trunk of the car with groceries). This lockdown came at a pretty bad time since Christmas was 2 weeks away and I had not started on my shopping yet. Our Christmas shopping was soon going to become "basic essential shopping"!

Because of the lockdown we were no longer able to go to the location I had picked, so the photographer suggested indoor shots with her green screen. She was able to take some pretty cute photos!



Kia Ora


The kiddos!

 The fam.

Jon and me

Kiki and Daddy 

My babies and me!

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