Saturday, October 18, 2014

Happily sitting clothes and all splashing in the tub!

This morning, like most morning Eden kept trying to get into the tub while I was showering. After a few minutes he had moved on to playing one of his favorite games, dump the Q-tips, so I moved on and started washing my hair. To my surprise, by the time I turned around from rinsing off the shampoo off of my hair, he was happily, sitting clothes and all splashing in the tub. To be honest it made me jump because I did not expect it. 
But since I was done anyway, I just drew him a little bath and let him have some fun in the water.

Eden's favorite game to play in our bathroom hallway, 
Dump the Q-tips!

Yap, that face says it all!
"Got what I wanted mom!"

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