Sunday, July 6, 2014

Stranded in Newark!

Well, we made it to Utah, but not without a little adventure! Our flight left Paris close to two hours late making it impossible for us to catch our next flight. United automatically rebooked us for another flight 2 days later, which I was very upset about. You can imagine how distraught I was knowing that I #1 was dead tired, #2 no money on me beside SAR's, and not knowing if my debit card would work, #3 no working cell phone since we no longer have US numbers, #4 five suitcases, a huge double stroller, and 4 tired tired hungry kids. (Plus the night before our departure I ran out of baby formula, so Jon went on a wild hunt at midnight looking for baby formula, mind you that stores close around 7 pm in France. He finally found some at pharmacy that was open 24/7 somewhere in Paris, which Eden hated since he was not used to the taste. 
So Eden was pretty much starving the entire trip home!)
#5 2 days later, REALLY!!!!!!!

Luckily my amazing brother T who works for United saw my rebooked flight and re-rebooked it for the next morning. What a relief! I was able to borrow a cell phone from a very nice United attendant and called T to talk to him about the trip and make sure someone would be able to pick me up from the airport.

That nice United attendant also got us a room at the hotel along with food vouchers. 
So as soon as we got to the room I did not hesitate to call room service.
The kids did not mind eating in bed while watching cartoons!

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