Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hard at Work!

I just thought I should post a picture of Jon and some of his team members since I never do. Jon is a Dow secondi working for Sadara, a petrochemical plant in Saudi Arabia (in the process of being built).

We are so happy and feel so blessed to have the opportunity to live here and experience a new culture. Saudi people are great people. They have been so kind to us and love love love children which is great since we have 4. Jon is busy, but loves what he does. He is learning a lot and is doing an amazing job.

I am so proud of him! Just to think that 3 1/2 years ago we were still in school, studying hard, hoping for a job. Jon has done amazing! He has worked hard, sacrificed at lot, stayed up late studying, woke up early for school, walking home in the cold, in the snow 10, 11, and sometimes midnight, worked one and sometimes two jobs, church callings, all the while raising a family. It was tough, and at times discouraging, thinking it was not worth it, but often times with great sacrifices come great reward. And this truly is a great reward. I love you babe!

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