Monday, January 20, 2014

Hee Haws!

We just LOVE Hee Haws! We have gone there as a family for years, except for the past two years since we were in Texas at the time. Since I am here, in Utah this year, I decided to take the kids once again. We had a blast just as before!

Kiki found a Julien bunny, a Logan bunny, and a Kiki bunny!

Hay Ride!

Picking their best pumpkin!

Hay Jump!


The kids loved going down the big slide!

Tractor Ride!

Julien was such a big help giving Eden his bottle.

The Petting Zoo!

Kia Ora got to ride a pony! She was so happy!

Julien and Logan participated in a race to catching a piglet the quickest and bringing it back wheel barrow style. It was pretty funny to watch. Julien actually won a pumpkin because he was in the top 3.

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