Sunday, September 29, 2013

bye bye baby!

Today Jon left for the airport to set out on a new adventure in Saudi Arabia. All sorts of emotions are churning within me:
-excitement because I know it is the first step for us to begin our journey there, and soon we will be able to experience life in a new place, learning about a different cultures together
-worry because it is a country he and I know pretty much nothing about, sadness because I know we will be apart for a few months
-relief because I know in a few months time we will be debt free... 

It will be a long few months, but am so grateful my parents have opened their house to me and the kids so I would not be alone during this long, difficult wait. They have been such a big help this far and I know they will continue to help me and support me until Jon and I are reunited again.
I am also very grateful for technology and the fact that even though Jon will be on the opposite side of the world, we will still be able to talk and see each other via Skype or FaceTime, email, and chat messaging (what a blessing!)
It hasn't even been a day and it seems like it's been forever already, and I cannot wait until we are all settled in our new place in Saudi.

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