Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Eden Elijah Ward is born!

Because Jon was still leaving in Texas the month of August, and thinking he would have to move to Saudi on September 1st, we thought it be best for me to schedule an induction for the 20th of August. 

I went to Orem Community Hospital at 6:30 am. This was the same hospital I delivered Kiki at. I had a such wonderful experience with my doctor, doctor Wayne Young, the hospital, and the staff when I had Kiki, that I knew this was the right place for me.
The nurse prepped me, and by 7:30 am I had my first dose of pitocin.
 I really wanted to have the baby naturally (without epidural) because I went to the hospital at 9cm with Kia Ora not realizing I was so close to delivering.
For the first several hours I felt nothing, wandering what was taking so long! Around 2:30 pm I started feeling the contractions. Within 30-35 minutes they got a lot stronger and became violent. My nurse Janna checked to see my progress and let me know I was only 4cm. Knowing that I had to get to a 10 and realizing I was only a 4, I swallowed my pride and asked for the anesthesiologist. The anesthesiologist (who was Janna's brother-in-law, weird) came and started prepping me, and by the time he was wiping down my back, the baby was pushing down. No time for the epidural. The nurse checked me again, I was a 10 and the baby's head was crowning. The baby was born about 3 minutes later. Janna (my awesome nurse) delivered Eden, and Doctor Young showed up a few minutes later.
I did it! I am glad I was able to had him naturally. The recovery was so much faster and better.
Eden Elijah Ward was born at 3:37 pm on August 20th, 2013
He was 7 lbs 13 oz and 20.5 inches long

A proud daddy!

A tired and happy mommy!

As soon as we gave word, my parents came right up with the rest of the gang!

Papi, Logan, and Eden

Mami and Eden

 The kids love their new baby brother!

First family picture minus me for some reason!

Photoshoot of Eden
1 day old!

This picture of me is well...less than attractive, 
but I am holding my little angel so I love it, and had to include it!

Time to go home!
Eden had a little gift for Kiki.
A baby and baby carrier of her own!

She sure loves her baby too!

Eden not ready to go home, or not loving his carseat!
His little scrunched up face is too cute!

Walk to the car

All loaded up!

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