Friday, June 29, 2012

Houston Zoo!

Today, I took the kids to the Houston Zoo. I had wanted to take them for a while and so I woke up this morning and took charge of my desire. I went to the kids and asked them if they would be interested in going. They were excited, said yes and wandered when we would go (thinking maybe sometime next week). I responded: Right now! They could not believe it. They moved so fast, we were in the car ready to go for the day with chores done in less than a hour. The Zoo was a lot of fun. Below are a few pictures of our outing.



The kids looking at "Jonathan the Great" roaring!



 The African village was awesome! 
They had African drums, masks, and huts for the kids to play with.


Logan and Kiki loved the petting zoo!

The Houston Zoo has an awesome splash park which was a great to cool off from the heat!


On our way out of the zoo we all stopped for a refreshing slushy! 
Look at those grins!

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