Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cirque Mechanics-BOOM TOWN

(not sure why the boys are not smiling cause they said they had a blast, probably to many pictures)

Last night we went to the Miller Theater in Houston to see Cirque Mechanics perform "Boom Town." It was incredible. The show was simply phenomenal. We met up with some of our friends there and had a pick nick as we waited for the show to start. And actually while we waited, my friend Alena and I got interviewed and video taped about what we liked about the Miller Theater. It was kind of fun!

Andreah and Alena.

Logan, Andreah's husband Chris and their baby Tristan.

 Matt and Becca and their girls.

 Our group

Kiki, Jon, and Emma.
Emma is Becca and Matt's little girl. 
She is too cute, and for some reason loves Jon so much.

Julien resting before the show!

I added this youtube video of the show we saw last night so you could get a glimpse of what we experienced. I was so impressed that I am going to look them up and see when and where they usually perform because I want to see them perform again.

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