Saturday, August 6, 2011

What are you doing here? & How did you come here?

Surprise! Surprise! In Logan's own words: "What are you doing here?" My mom surprised the boys by  arriving late Wednesday night. They were so excited to see her.

Two days later Kim made a surprise arrival! I loved to see their faces as they opened the door. It was so cute.

Finally Papi, Alex, and Raph joined the fun!

We surely missed T who is still on his mission in France and has just a few weeks left, along with Audrey and Joey. Audrey actually had a ticket to come and visit us for Logan's baptism and be with the family but had an accident and had to have an emergency surgery on her knee and was advised that she could not get on a plane so shortly after surgery. She was pretty sad and disappointed and so were we. We missed her very much.

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