Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ninja Zhu Zhu Pet invasion

Our house has been invaded by Ninja Zhu Zhu pets. Logan got his first Zhu Zhu pet for his birthday, and when I was at the hospital my mom took the boys to the store to pick up another with some money they had saved up. They love their Zhu Zhu pet so much. It is so fun to watch them play with them.

Today, Julien and Logan made their own arena to battle their Zhu Zhus into. It was so cute and creative that I just had to grab my camera and take picture. They had their warm fuzzies and their super hero figurines as spectators. After the battle, they even had the "spectators" line up to get autographs signed.

Zhu Zhus in action

Meet the Zhu Zhus!

Logan says that the best thing about having a Zhu Zhu pet is that you can battle them.

Logan's zhu zhu pets names are Azer, and Thorn.

Julien thinks that Zhu Zhus are just fun to play with and he likes that they can talk. He is hoping to get a new one for his birthday.

Julien's zhu zhu pet is called Rivet.

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