Friday, December 25, 2009

Vacationing in Eden

Jon and I rented a condo at Wolf Creek in Eden, Utah (Ogden Canyon) for a couple days before Christmas with our timeshare. We had so much fun. We went there with my parents and my brother Alex, and two sisters Audrey and Kim. Unfortunately T, and Raph could not join us, but they are hard at work serving on their missions.

Day 1:

My dad made dinner. He made a Tartiflette. T mentioned that where he is serving in Toulouse, France, he has eaten it quite a bit of it, and said it was really good. Indeed it was very very good. We all enjoyed it. Alex, who is a little chef of his own made warm bruschettas for the appetizer. It was really good too.

After a nice hearty meal, we relax, played games, and let our stomach rest.

We then finish our evening with our annual boys versus girls ginger bread house decorating contest. This year, there was no one to judge our houses since we were so isolated, so we called it a tie.

Day 2:

After working out at the gym, playing some racket ball, and hanging out in the hot tub, we went sledding at Snow Basin. We found a nice hill on the side of the road and sled for a good exhausting hour or two.

While the girls made a fabulous finger food dinner, my dad and Julien played a game of Jenga.

To end the evening we played a game of Taboo, while the kids played Slamwhich.

Oh the things you'll say under pressure! I'm glad I played this game with family because they already know I'm weird.

Day 3:

Some of us went and worked out, and others relaxed and lounged around. After which we packed up and headed home. Our stay at Wolf Creek was so nice and relaxing. It was very much needed, and I know everyone enjoyed it!

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