Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ramalama...what a halloween party!

In contrary to previous years, I decided to reset the Ramalama Halloween Dance from So You Think You Can Dance instead of the usual Thriller from Michael Jackson for our Halloween work party. The girls really enjoyed it, I think. Well, it looked like it anyways. It was a pretty big production.

The girls drew and painted the backdrop which was over 8 feet tall and 13 feet wide by all by themselves. They did a fantastic job, I was thrilled. One of the girls helped me cut the music with my Mac, and I sewed all of the costumes (the girls were zombie ballerinas).
The day of the perfomance I did their hair and make-up (with help of course, 18 girls remember!) Then one of the therapist and I did a photoshoot of each girls individually and then group photos! They turned out so good!

The perfomance was great! The girls danced their heart out, and did really well. I loved to watch them have so much fun.
Some of the many many tutus I sewed...

Once it was all said and done, I created a movie DVD for them of the taping of the dance with a slide show of their photoshoot, along with bloopers and interviews of the girls of them getting ready. It was a lot of hard work, but it was so worth it!

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