Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas in Vegas

This year we spent Christmas with Jon's family in Las Vegas. It was good to catch up with Branon and Starr whom we hadn't seen for a long time. It was a nice relaxing trip.

While we were in Vegas, we took Julien and Logan to a pond by Jon's parents' house, where we fed the ducks and played with a remote controlled boat. The kids had a lot of fun chasing the ducks out of the water with the boat.

After much anticipation Santa finally came.

We were all spoiled for Christmas. Julien was happy to see that Santa remembered to bring him the Speed Racer car he wanted. I think Oswald was pretty glad about that too. He loved to get inside the box.

Once we got home to our little BYU apartment, we got a phone call from my parents saying that Santa stopped by their house too, and left some presents for us. The next day we rushed over to see what else Santa had brought us.

Logan opened up a nice long satin box, and discovered that he had gotten a real Harry Potter wand. When he saw what was inside, he was so shocked he was afraid to touch it. He believed he could cast real spells. And to this day he is convinced that on his 13th birthday he will go to Hogwarts to study magic.

Jon was ecstatic to finally open his super cool new toy. A 16G IPOD Touch. I must admit... I wish I had one. He carries it everywhere. He put on the new Batman movie, has a bunch of fun games, pictures, and music on it, has the Internet; he even has the is so fun to play with.

I was so thrilled to get my Breville Juice Fountain Elite 800JEXL juicer. It is so beautiful! I love to make juices. So far my favorite is definitely pineapple orange with a hint of strawberry, but I have also ventured off and made a carrot, celery, apple juice, and to my surprise it was not bad at all, it actually tasted rather sweet. Yeah! I feel so healthy.

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