Sunday, September 21, 2008

My boys....

Before church today, Jon, the kids and I went out on BYU campus for a little photo session. I like to do that every two months or so. They are so cute and photogenic that it is hard not to love taking pictures of them. Below is a small sample of the photo shoot.

JulienJulien, and his sweet, tender smile. He is so charming isn't he!


Oh so cute, and so mischievious! Watch out, Logan's charming look may at times be deceiving.

Don't you love them when they are so serious, deeply invested, carried away in their thoughts.

The serene sound of nature!


Last but not least, Jon. The joke master, the handy man, the mechanic...the list could go on...but to us he is the one and only, best dad, and man anyone could ask for.


Canes said...

What a cute family! I miss you guys so much! I will call you this week or call me anytime.

Camilla said...

Your boys are adorable! But you forgot to include yourself??? *haha* We need to take you and your camera out on a photographic outing one Sunday, eh?