Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Back to School!

Julien was the first one to start school. He says that second grade is fun. And really likes his teacher.
Logan started kindergarten on Monday. He too was very excited to start. He wishes school was longer. I told him that that time would come soon enough.

In addition to starting school, Julien and Logan started some extra activities. Logan started soccer with provo city rec., on this first game he scored 2 goals. He is actually pretty good for being so little. Julien started karate at a studio in Orem. He is doing very good, and loves to go to his classes. He is very eager to earn his yellow belt.

Well, the kids are set for the new school year; Soon it will be Jon's turn to start. I don't think he is as excited as the kids were to start. But you can't blame him, BYU is at a different degree of difficulty then elementary school. What can I say, we can't all color, count to ten, and call it a day!!


Claire Valene Bagley said...

I just dance all day at my school. No big deal, right? That's akin to coloring books . . .

Elissa said...

Hi Maeva, I found you on Claires blog. I hope you don't mind. Your boys are getting so big. They are very handsome. I hope you are doing well. Elissa